Toruń’s Liqueurs – gift of nature stored in glass bottle

This is an absolutely special, new edition of products by Toruńskie Wódki Gatunkowe® – Toruń’s Liqueurs in four flavours of: cherry, chokeberry, black currant and red currant. They were made on the basis of the old, family-owned recipe of Dr Grzegorz Russak. Fruit is the key ingredient of our liqueurs… More

Gingerbread Liquor – Christmas Limited Edition

Specially for Christmas we have prepared for you a limited edition of Toruń’s Gingerbread Vodka in a vintage, corked, stoneware bottle. This warming-up Gingerbread Liquor tastes of home-made gingerbread cookies. Its rich taste of spices comes from a dozen of gingerbread-spice macerates. It will be a perfect table decoration and… More

Traditional taste since 1884...

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